presents: GAPA. For top of the line Digital Awards
 In the following certificate pages a lot of the art work shows the old TARA logo. These are being replaced as time permits.
News Flash      We have just added the 60m Band.

Formally the TARA All Seasons Contest and Awards program, we are proud to present to our existing and future Award Seekers these upscale and improved Awards,  The Grid and Prefix Award Program aka GAPA
For our existing users your awards count and will appear on the OLAR (On Line Achievement Recognition Records). One enhancement makes the Mixed Mode attractive because it is like a repository for ALL modes. The award goes on OLAR and certificates are available if requested.
Please be aware that this is not an award based on the Ground Station you are using but rather the operating prowess of the operator, and hence any call sign you used to get these confirmed QSO. There is also no start time limit, so dig deep in your log and pull out ALL your digital confirmed QSO.  
OK, to get started, please email your claims to me at wm2u
hope you enjoy Ernie wm2u

The GAP Grid and Prefix Awards

Grid Award

Prefix Award Information Who's Who contact Information
Rules Rules Pricing Stephen J Melachrinos w3hf Consultant
Grid Locators     Ernie Mills wm2u/n2hxn Promotion Manager
OLAR OLAR        
Certificates Certificates        
Grid Locators        

Click on a sample of the Grid or Prefix Certificate
The Basic GRID Certificate/Award The Basic Prefix Certificate/Award

Hi, Just for fun. I have created a GAPA Icon for your desk top.
If you fire up GAPA and drag that little orange Icon in the left of the address bar to your desktop  ...
.... Tah - Dah. :-)

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